WordPress Hosting

“Effortlessly Build, Manage, and Scale Your Website: The Advantages of WordPress Hosting”



WordPress Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider for your website? Look no further than DigitalWebHosts! As one of the leading web hosting companies in the industry, DigitalWebHosts offers top-notch hosting services that are perfect for businesses, bloggers, and anyone in need of a high-performance WordPress site.

Single WordPress

$0.99/ mo

$2.99/mo when you renew

Starter WordPress

$1.99/ mo

$5.99/mo when you renew

Business WordPress

$2.45 /mo

$7.99/mo when you renew4

WordPress Pro

$8.99 /mo

$10.99/mo when you renew

All in One Plan

Each Plan Contains these amazing features.

"Excellent Service and Consultancy!"         

Phillip Nyakpo -  Verified Purchase

"Fastest Web Hosting Service Ever!"         

Mr. Edem (Web Developer)

"The very best, It's the best!"

Dorcas Akpene - Verified Purchase

Light-Speed Performance

Our WordPress plans are powered by LiteSpeed – the fastest web server in the industry. Combined with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, your website will perform 4x faster than on regular hosting. We also use HTTP/3 and IPv6 for better performance.

Manage WordPressHosting

Our WordPress web hosting comes with ready-to-use features, so you can start building your website immediately. Enjoy our 1-click installer, great SSD storage, user-friendly control panel, and automatic WordPress updates. Plus, we pre-install some of the best speed optimization plugins and marketing tools to help you grow your online presence faster.

Find the Perfect Domain

.com   .net   .org   .online   .shop   .info   .xyz

Reliable Uptime 99% Garanteed

Elevate your brand and protect your online presence with our reliable and affordable uptime solutions. Don't settle for less, join us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with top-notch website availability. Your website deserves the best - get started now!"

User-friendlyControl Panel

A control panel is a crucial component of any web hosting service. It serves as a centralized platform to manage your website, domains, email accounts, databases, and more. With a user-friendly control panel, you can simplify your web hosting experience, making it easier and faster to manage your online presence.

Migrate For Free

Experience Stress-Free Web Host Switch with Our Award-Winning Support Team and Complimentary Website Migrations! Quality Assurance Guaranteed for Seamless Transfers in Only a Few Hours. Upgrade to a Better Web Host Now!

We are avaliable 24x7x365

Protect Your Website with Tailored Security - Say Goodbye to "One Size Fits All"! Our Proprietary Security Shield uses Machine-Learning for Proactive Threat Prevention. Enjoy Real-Time Malware Scanning & Auto Application Patching. Stay Safe with Us!

Worldwide Data Centers

America, Europe, Asia & Australia

US - Central Region

Location: Lansing, Michigan

US - Western Region

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

US - Midwest Region

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

EU - Central Region

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Would recommend it. Competitive and affordable, great service."  

Farisa Cecchet - Verified Purchase

"Professional in delivery of service, Available to assist with challenges. Great to work with."        

Richard Gavor (Web Developer)

"Professional, attention to details and a truly refreshing experience"

Evans Nartey - Verified Purchase


WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service specifically designed for WordPress websites. It provides optimized servers, specialized features, and tools to help you manage your WordPress website more efficiently.

What features are included in DigitalWebHosts' WordPress Hosting plans?

DigitalWebHosts' WordPress Hosting plans come with a variety of features including pre-installed WordPress, automatic updates, backups, security, and performance optimization tools. You also get access to a variety of WordPress themes and plugins.

What is the difference between DigitalWebHosts' regular web hosting and WordPress Hosting?

DigitalWebHosts' regular web hosting is suitable for any type of website, while WordPress Hosting is specifically designed for WordPress websites. WordPress Hosting offers features that are optimized for WordPress websites such as one-click WordPress installation, pre-installed WordPress, and specialized WordPress support.

Does DigitalWebHosts offer managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, DigitalWebHosts offers managed WordPress Hosting, which means that their team will handle tasks such as updates, backups, security, and performance optimization for your WordPress website.

Does DigitalWebHosts offer a money-back guarantee for WordPress Hosting plans?

Yes, DigitalWebHosts offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their WordPress Hosting plans.

Can I migrate my existing WordPress website to DigitalWebHosts' WordPress Hosting?

Yes, you can migrate your existing WordPress website to DigitalWebHosts' WordPress Hosting using their free migration service or by following their migration guides.
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