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Web Hosting Plan

For small to medium websites.

Single Web Hosting

Ideal solution for beginners

$0.99 / mo

$2.99/mo when you renew

Premium Web Hosting

Perfect package for personal websites

$1.49 / mo

$5.99/mo when you renew

Business Web Hosting

Optimized for small and medium businesses

$2.99 / mo

$6.99/mo when you renew

Nb: There are no hidden cost

All in One Plan

Each Plan Contains these amazing features.

Looking for Something Different?

We prepared the best web hosting plan for you to start. You will be able to adjust plans as you go – our custom-built algorithm will provide suggestions based on your usage.


Simple and powerful hosting for everyone.


For more speed & less downtime.


Optimized hosting for Small to Medium size sites.


Powerful for any Ecommerce & Online Store


Powerful for any CMS sites hosting


Optimized hosting for Large WordPress sites.

Web Hosting FAQ's

Find answers to frequently asked questions about website hosting services.

The perfect solution for most websites. Finally tap into the power, reliability, and security your website deserves at an affordable rate. Using cloud virtualization, your website has its own file system with specific resources allocated.

Yes – and we actively encourage you to do it. If you’re using a popular content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, we have tools that make switching between website hosting platforms easy and fast.

Even if you’re not using a typical CMS or need a little help along the way, our Customer Success team will guide you through the process free of charge.

Yes, each hosting plan comes with cPanel.

cPanel helps you manage your hosting account, monitor resource usage, create email addresses, and install content management systems like WordPress. Note that this is different from the admin panel of your website, which will be created when you install a CMS. Instead, this is the admin panel for your web hosting and domain services as a whole.

Upgrading your web hosting service is easy with Digitalwebhosts. We pride ourselves on having no downtime during the upgrade, so your website will be up and running the whole time. You won’t have to worry about a bad browsing experience or losing revenue.

Yes, Digitalwebhosts has a custom-developed tool that allows you to install 100+ apps on your website in a single click. Our auto-installer makes it faster and easier to try out different scripts and find the best ones for your website.

No. Digitalwebhosts makes it as easy as possible for beginners to manage their websites. Many simple tasks, like setting up an email address or installing a content management system, can be done with just a few clicks and no prior technical knowledge.

Meanwhile, our web hosting services are also suitable for experienced web developers. That’s because we believe that there’s no reason why something can’t be both user-friendly and powerful.

If you face any issues, we offer a variety of online guides to walk you through all sorts of tasks. Our Customer Success team is also more than happy to help if you get stuck.

Your Website 20x Faster

People Don't Visit Slow Websites. Recall the last slow website you visited. How would you describe that experience? A slow website is not only annoying but damaging to your search engine results and reputation. We're committed to delivering blazing fast load times for websites of all sizes!

Personalized Security

Security for your website is not a "one size fits all" glove. Using our proprietary Security Shield, we utilize machine-learning technology to proactively protect your unique website from threats/attacks. From real-time malware scanning to auto-application patching, we have you covered

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